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Check out the FREE Chakra Bliss Meditation for cleansing, balancing and renewing your chakras below:


Everything is energy.

Enhancing your energy enhances everything. It very literally and directly shifts your life because your being and life are inextricably linked!

The chakra system is akin to a ladder to and from the highest most spiritual levels of your being, and Source itself, right down to the physical. It enables the anchoring and integration of your multi-levelled self through spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical dimensions.

It can be easy to forget about ‘energy’ in the everyday living of life. We can get caught up in the out there happenings of our life, and forget how that out there is so connected to our vibration and energy patterns (including the energy patterns of our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, which ALSO relate to our chakras).

I share more about chakras at the webpage, including what they really are, how they are actually more real than your physical body, and how they are integral to manifesting your reality, among other stuff.

This chakra meditation is part of my “Chakra Bliss Kit”, but I’m giving it away as a streamed gift for a period so you can enjoy a chakra ‘tune-up’ wherever you’re at.

Just as your body needs care and good health, so does your energy system.

Take a pause to renew, balance, activate and align your precious energy centres!


Chakras are also the major energy portals through which you create your reality.

Each chakra relates to a different domain of your being and life, so balancing and optimzing your chakras impacts all life areas.

In this meditation you will also raise your vibration and anchor in more love and light.

Give yourself that gift!




P.S. This “Chakra Bliss Meditation” clears, balances and renews your energy centres and aligns each one to its relevant frequency.

Doing so optimizes you on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, brings balance and accord, opens you to experiencing and radiating more of your true wondrous essence, integrating light-filled vibrations, and manifesting brighter realities through your chakra vortexes.

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